What’s the Best Dog Food?

What’s the best dog food? Now there is a question that is almost impossible to answer in a general setting like this.

Link to 8 Best Dog Foods ArticleEvery pet has different needs depending on their life stage, activity level, general health status, to name just a few. BUT…I came across this article that was recently updated for 2023, and I agree with most of it. It also briefly address the grain free and raw diet issues. Just remember, this information is for generally healthy pets. If your pet has a medical condition, you should talk to your vet before selecting a diet for your pooch.

Even if your pet is young and healthy now, the quality of food and nutrition you provide him with today will impact his health and longevity in the future. If you can afford it, avoid “cheap” dog foods. Feed your dog the best quality food you can comfortably afford.

The two biggest factors that determine whether your dog’s food is good for their health is, 1) whether it’s nutritionally complete and balanced and, 2) whether you’re giving your dog the right proportions based on their size and weight. Don’t always go by the portion/serving guide on the back of the packaging.

Ask your veterinarian for guidance on portion control based on your pet’s age and activity level. Just as with humans, we are concerned with calories in vs calories burned! Unfortunately, the No. 1 nutritional disease in dogs is obesity and, in some breeds, this can take up to two years off their lifespan. Many canine obesity problems are due to the owner’s inability to understand their dog’s calorie intake and requirement – just speak to your vet for guidance and advice!

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