Halloween Safety For Pets

Halloween is nearly here, and while this Holiday is great fun for families and kids, it’s not always so great for pets. Here are a few simple tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween season.

Keep the Candy – Especially Chocolate – Away From Your Pets

Hands up who eats too much candy at Halloween? Most of us right! While us humans may feel sick if we eat too much chocolate, it can be deadly for dogs and cats. But it’s not just chocolate you need to watch out for.

A lot of candies also include an artificial sweetener called Xylitol, which can also be poisonous to dogs. Not to mention the wrappers and sticks which can be choke hazards, and/or create intestinal issues.

Another Halloween staple to watch out for are glow sticks – while the contents are non-toxic, they are not pleasant if consumed and can lead to vomiting.

So bottom line – once your human kids crash after the sugar rush, make sure all the Halloween bounty is safely stored out of reach of your fur-kids!

Keep Your Pets From The Door

Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Unless you turn off the lights and hide in the back of the house, your doorbell is going to be ringing non-stop for a couple of hours. Keep your pet’s stress levels down by putting them in their crate, or in a bedroom or bathroom away from the front door.

You may be greeted by some strange sights and costumes on your doorstep, sights that could stress your dog and cause a fight or flight reaction. Either way, you don’t want them to bolt or bite, so keep them away from the door on Halloween night!…or…

…Set Up On The Driveway

If your dog is particularly reactive to the door bell, break out the lawn chairs and jack-o-lanterns. Enjoy the evening on your driveway. You’ll enjoy all the trick or treaters with a lot less stress for yourself…while your dog relaxes calmly inside the house enjoying just another quiet evening at home.

Keep Black Cats Home on Halloween

Protect Your Pet From Pranksters

There are some not-so-nice people out there. Did you know that some shelters won’t adopt out black cats during October to keep them safe? Keep your cats safely inside on Halloween – especially black cats – so they don’t fall foul of pranksters and fools.

And Protect Your Pet From Pumpkins!

Don’t let your pet get into your pumpkin or corn displays. Small amounts of corn or pumpkin are fine for pets to eat. But uncooked or even moldy pumpkins can cause stomach/intestinal issues that you don’t want to deal with.

Also remember to keep your pets (and their inquiring noses) away from your jack-o-lanterns or other decorations lit with candles. You don’t want them to get burned, or react and knock your display over and cause a fire!

Spending your evening with the Fire Department is not a great way to celebrate Halloween!

Dress Up Isn’t Fun For Every Dog!

Halloween Dog Dress UpIf you like dressing up in costume for Halloween, don’t assume your dog will find it as much fun! Some dogs don’t react well to the unusual, and what seems fun for you can increase their stress levels. If you do put them in costume, make sure they can breathe freely, their vision and hearing is not impaired,  and their movement is not restricted.

Be sure to try on costumes in advance—and if your furry friend seems distressed, ditch the idea. If you insist on taking them out, make sure they are leashed and their ID tag/microchip information is current.


Please enjoy the Holiday safely. Remember that the team at Compassionate Animal Care is always here for you and your pet!


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