Low Cost Animal Clinics vs Full Service Clinics & Hospitals

It is understandable that some people want/need low cost surgical or dental options for their pets. But, it is also important to understand that low cost animal clinics cannot deliver the same level of care that we provide to our beloved patients for surgical/dental services.

Low Cost Animal Clinics = Low Levels of Care

Low cost animal clinics survive because they work on volume, so it’s quantity vs quality. They usually serve a large number of patients in a short time, which means their ability to give dedicated care, monitoring, and management is understandably limited.

It’s risky. Low cost clinics have to be efficient to make money; this business model is driven purely by efficiency and volume. They are usually very busy, highly stressful places with very small spaces and no time for individual attention. It is important for you to know that lower cost care does not equate to better medicinal care, or a positive fear-free experience for your pet.

Full Service Vet Clinic = Personal Care & Attention

As a full service vet clinic, we are focused on our patients from the moment they come in through our door for surgical or dental procedures.

  • We examine each pet prior to any surgery.
  • We do blood work to ensure that your pet’s liver and kidneys etc. are healthy for medications.
  • We base our anesthetic protocols on your individual pet’s health status/issues; our surgical monitoring is top notch.
  • From beginning to end, your pet will have its own technician to closely monitor them.
  • We use state-of-the-art machines to monitor heart rate, rhythm, pulse, oxygen level, blood pressure, and temperature.
  • We will never leave your pet alone in a cage or on the floor with no one checking on them.
  • We provide pain medication and collars or similar to prevent the pet from damaging their incisions.
  • We provide you with post-surgical care instructions in writing.
  • We typically recheck all of our surgery patients ourselves 10-14 days after the procedure…included in your cost.
  • We offer advice, answer any questions, and provide care long after the surgery is done.
  • We develop relationships with our clients and patients over time; this is something that fast paced, low cost clinics cannot do.
Questions? Contact Compassionate Animal Care

Low cost clinics have a place, but if you have a choice, please think about going to a full service veterinary clinic for your pet’s surgical or dental work. Your pet would thank you if he could!

If you have any questions or concerns about surgical or dental costs, please talk to us, or your own veterinarian. Please call 480.774.6995 to schedule an appointment with Compassionate Animal Care today.

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