Temporary Clinic Closure Due to COVID

Unfortunately two Compassionate Animal Care employees have had direct contact with a COVID positive person, and one employee has tested positive (but fortunately is asymptomatic). Everyone is currently doing well, but we are taking all necessary measures to make sure we do not put anyone at risk.

Therefore we are temporarily suspending our mobile vet service and closing the clinic from this afternoon (Friday 01/22) through next week (w/c 01/25). We will reopen for appointments on Monday February 1st , at which time we will be following our prior COVID protocols.

We are currently rescheduling all our appointments that were in the books for next week, and making sure all long-term patients are getting their medications refilled until we can see them again.

Please rest assured that we will be disinfecting everything, every day while we wait for the quarantine period to be up.  We will have one employee in the clinic every day to answer phone calls, schedule future appointments, and provide medication refills, etc.

Please bear with us as this unprecedented situation continues to impact us all. Please contact us online or call Compassionate Animal Care at 480.774.6995 to reschedule an appointment if we haven’t got to you yet, or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience!

Dr. Lora Schelle

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